I never consider myself as an artist, my drawing is not even considered ultra good, it's all simple drawings. Some, of course I put in slightly more effort to produce, some was just randomly done. So no, I'm not an artist.

Anyway, a short introduction on how #jcomic came about.

I started sketching/doodling when I officially shifted from a carefree student to a busy working adult, and I only do it when I am super stress, normally on a piece of the order sheet from restaurants. All the sketches are random ideas that I pluck out of the sky, but most of the time gloomy, dark and emotional (I was quite an emo boy then, still am occasionally :P).

I only begin drawing digitally in 2013 after I got my Samsung Note II, replacing my old iPhone 3Gs which had served me well for about 2.5 years (and I still use my iPhone now, as an alarm and iPod, haha!). I've been uploading my drawing to my Instagram account and continuing doing so till today.

I don't merely post comics/doodles I draw on my IG account, in order for me to get access to all the comics/doodles easily, I've decided to create a #jcomic hashtag. And that's how I started!

All the comics are based on my daily encounter/feeling/emotion, some of course are just fiction. If in any case, you feel that the comic is somewhat related or similar to you, kindly understand that it's purely coincidence.

#jcomic mainly acts as a platform to collect my comics, which will be posted on my IG account and automatically linked here.

If you feel the comic is funny and wanted to share around, you may go ahead but be courteous enough to let me know, or directly linking back to my site. If you think it's so lousy and horrible, please be kind with your critics and comments :D

Thank you and enjoy your day!

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